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About SelfCare Psychology

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The one stop resource for human service practitioners at risk of Professional Trauma and Fatigue

SelfCare Psychology believe that if we can identify ways to look after ourselves, be kind to ourselves and lift our mood on a regular basis, then we can minimise and reduce the power that stress can have over our lives.


Practicing SelfCare can provide a buffer against the negative physical and mental health impacts on our lives, and it can also support recovery if we are already suffering.

Stress, anxiety, depression, burnout and concepts such as professional trauma and fatigue, incorporating Vicarious Trauma, Secondary Trauma and Compassion Fatigue may all be concepts that we can minimise if we learn how to practice SelfCare.

‘Self-Care’ is simply Care (for) Self when reversed, and this is how simply it can start. “How can I, and how do I take care of myself?”

We are actively nurturing a culture of SelfCare, encouraging you to join the #selfcarerevolution by starting to learn how we can practice SelfCare, accept responsibility for looking after ourselves, as best we can at any one time, in a way that is affordable, accessible and achievable.


Meet the SelfCare Team

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Sass Boucher

Sass is the Research Director & Cofounder of SelfCare Psychology Ltd.

Sass’s MSc research project in Counselling Psychology at Keele University was titled 'Looking through a Lens of Terribleness'.


This was a small-scale Thematic Analysis study which explored and aimed to understand professionals needs when they are working with and listening to those in trauma. Crucially, she wanted to find out what worked, when it came to buffering the professional trauma and fatigue that she found.

Kate Collier

BA (Hons)

Graduate of the Self Care school of experience; as in I didn’t do it, and paid the price with my health.
I originally trained as a social worker and have over a decade’s experience in frontline and management supporting women experiencing domestic abuse, addictions, and trauma, in custody and the community, and currently  running a regional complex needs service for a charity.
Previously an expert in not practising what I preached and neglecting my own wellbeing.

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"I've developed an understanding of terminology, but MORE importantly how to look after myself and prioritise this"

Student. Hospital Team

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"Excellent facilitation skills, one of the best management courses I have ever been on in 35 years!"

Manager. Social Work Team.

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"I can honestly say I have loved every element of this course useful, relatable and a whole support network in itself"

Social Worker. 

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