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50 Acts of Professional SelfCare

for Social Workers


Protecting Practitioners at Risk of Professional

Trauma and Fatigue

We can show you how to buffer the impact of professional trauma and fatigue to help you stay happy and healthy in the careers you love.


 It is not acceptable that we are losing highly trained experienced practitioners due to ill health, frustration and burnout.

The 5 Pillars of Protection

Our evidence-based model shows you how to move from vulnerable to protected.


An investment in those who support, results in empowered professionals, and only they can deliver truly effective empowering services. 

Professional Trauma and Fatigue includes:


Compassion Fatigue

Vicarious / Secondary  Trauma


Training, information, ideas, guidance, resources, evidence and practical knowledge from the innovators in Professional Trauma and Fatigue Resilience all in one place.

Meet the Co-Founders

Full time Counsellor and Psychotherapist in private practice, trainer, writer, mum, wife, friend, daughter, sister, nanny.

My MSc research taught me about the value of Self Care, and its absolute necessity as a concept when we're caring for and supporting others.

I bring my research and a range of front line and management experience in counselling, domestic abuse services, and family services.








Practice and Development Director

BA (Hons)

Graduate of the Self Care school of experience; as in I didn’t do it, and paid the price with my health.


I originally trained as a social worker and have over a decade’s experience in frontline and management supporting women experiencing domestic abuse, addictions, and trauma, in custody and the community, and currently  running a regional complex needs service for a charity.


Previously an expert in not practising what I preached and neglecting my own wellbeing.


Roz Ashton




Full time Financial Controller, (MAAT), with experience in Sales and Marketing. 

Ulcerated Colitis Survivor & now a Pouchi! Self care was never my strong point but with my new system & a seriously loveable dog I am learning to look after myself & say No on a regular basis. 


Like my Co-Founders I don’t always get it right, but that’s the challenge, evolving and learning and now in my role at SelfCare Psychology, passing it on!