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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Welcome to SelfCare Psychology Blog from us, Sass, Kate and Roz, the Co-Founders. We are so excited and proud to be able to launch the SelfCare Psychology Blog. It’s a real labour of love, as we all work full time in ‘real’ jobs, but felt a one stop shop for all things SelfCare, where balance and self-compassion are celebrated and encouraged, was essential but unavailable. So we created it! We are passionate about empowering busy modern women to survive and thrive with existing resources through practical SelfCare. We will be providing an absolute avalanche of stories, hints, tips and theories about how taking responsibility and regularly practising SelfCare can go a very long way towards buffering the impact of living in what seems to be an increasingly busy, stressful and chaotic world.


Whether you are a full-time mum, totally driven by your career, a carer, mother, sister, daughter, CEO or all the above, everyone can benefit from SelfCare. Do you feel it’s selfish to look after yourself, guilty for taking time out, don’t think you need it, or simply fail to see where you can find the time? Then come and find out from us!


There will be regular posts from us founders, both from a professional and personal perspective, that will cover everything from academia through to #SmallSelfCare challenges, and we will be encouraging you to share your real-life stories too.

Welcome to SelfCare Psychology Blog from us, Sass, Kate and Roz, the Co-Founders. We are so excited and proud to be able to launch the SelfCare Psychology Blog.

Did we mention the simply stunning guest posts from professional specialists and experts? We’ve found an incredible network of SelfCare folk out there, generous and keen to spread the word. When you’ve read their articles find them and us on social media: just use the following hashtags and have a look to join the #selfcaresquad and the #selfcarerevolution.

We’ve created SelfCare Psychology because we know how it feels to break, and we also know how we can prevent breaking, if we actively consider our own SelfCare needs, and then encourage those around us to do the same. We define SelfCare as:


‘Achieving your full potential by choosing actions to balance your physical and emotional health’


We believe that SelfCare is:

Taking responsibility for your own physical and emotional health and well wellbeing.

A lifestyle choice not a crisis intervention.

Actively making changes to support your health and wellbeing.

There is no quick fix, no magic wand or USB stick that we can plug in to learn this stuff, we need to read, reflect, learn, and practice, and this can be hard work, but we are determined to support and share the SelfCare message, encouraging you to become lifelong #SelfCareSquad members.

As founders, you can meet us individually on our launch blog posts, where we share our personal stories and the reasons we are so passionate about SelfCare. You can connect with us through our social media: you will find Kate on Instagram, Roz on Facebook and Sass on Twitter, encouraging you to share your stories and tell us how you look after yourself. We love to talk, so please get in touch!

How can you spread the word?

If you have a SelfCare message, story, picture, or a collection of top tips get in touch, we will send you our author guideline’s, then you can really be part of the #SelfCareSquad.

Join in or create a conversation on our social media channels. You can find Kate on Instagram, Sass on Twitter and Roz on Facebook.

Support each other either at work, home, or socially and pass it on; we truly believe that the best way to spread the message is to show others how they should be treating themselves through how we treat them.

We look forward to meeting you, hearing your stories, and presenting them to the rest of the world, putting stress, anxiety, and related physical health issues firmly in their place by aiming to SelfCare our way through them!

You take care of you!

Sass, Kate and Roz





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